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6 Aperol Spritz

Mixed with sparkling wine and soda. Orange slice

6.5 Aperol Sour

Shaken with lemon juice, sours and simple syrup

8.5 Bellini

Peach puree topped with Prosecco

8.5 Fragoli

Italian hand picked strawberry liquer topped with Prosecco

8.5 Lemonsecco

Limoncello mixed with sours and topped with Prosecco

8 Lambrusco Punch

Orange and lemon juice, simple syrup and ginger ale topped with Lambrusco

6.5 Americano

This delicious, light aperitivo consists of a base of Moscato di Asti and is infused with a blend of herbs, fruit and spices. It is traditionally served on ice with a slice of orange an a splash of soda

6 Vermouth

This is not your father’s vermouth! It is the original recipe from 1891 and boasts rich vibrant notes of citrus and cocoa with a balance bitter undertone. Enjoy it neat or on the rocks before or after dinner


4.5 Peroni Nastro, Azzuro, Italy

Italy’s top selling export lager, Peroni’s delicate aroma gives way to a fresh, crisp, clean taste. The finish is dry and thirst quenching

4.5 Moretti, Italy

Amber color and a slightly sweet malt flavor, Moretti has been brewed in the same manner for almost 150 years

4.5 Amstel Light, Holland

America’s best-selling imported light beer, Amstel has a smooth taste and 35% less calories than regular lager beer

4.5 Labatt Blue Light, Canada

Western New York’s top-selling light with crisp, fresh and pure lager flavor in a soft golden color

5 Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, California

Deep amber color with exceptionally full-bodied and complex character. Generous quantities of premium cascade hops give this pale ale it’s fragrant bouquet and spice flavor

5 Stella Artois Lager, Belgium

Golden color, distinctive, refreshing flavor and a pleasant, enjoyable aftertaste. This natural brewing process without any chemicals produces one of Belgium’s most popular lagers

6.5 Rare Vos, Ommegang, Cooperstown, NY

Amber colored with smooth and mellow flavors of caramel and citrus. Rare Vos means “sly fox,” named after a famous Brussels café

8.5 Westmalle Dubbel Ale, Trappist Monastery, Belgium

Dark amber-brown with a subtle dark malt aroma, balanced by Belgian yeast characteristics. Deeply malty, dry finish, hinting at tropical fruit. Brewed by the monks of the Trappist order since 1830. Only six breweries worldwide produce authentic Trappist products